S&H Builders has incorporated many of the principles of Green Building in it's projects even before most of us ever heard the term 'Green Building'. We focused on: efficient design; reduction of waste during construction; reuse of materials; quality construction, and the use of durable materials. As time has gone by we have become even more focused on the many benefits of Green Building. We have a network of resources to a develop a program for your next project. We are a Certified Green Building Professional by Build It Green.

We work with our clients and the entire professional team (architects, engineers, interior designers, and others) to customize each project to meet the clients specific needs and goals.  The benefits of integrating Green Building concepts into a project include increased quality, comfort, health, and resale value. Some clients equate 'Green' as being more expensive.  While some of the technology is more expensive then traditional methods, many benefits can be easily achieved at minimal expense with good planning, material selection and implementation.

We focus on the many ways to achieve the Guiding Principles of Green Building, which are:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Resource Conversation
  • indoor Air Quality
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