In July, 2010 Kevin Haibach traveled to Port-au-Prince Haiti to work with shelter team of Catholic Relief Services (CRS). As a result of the January 2010 Haiti earthquake, over 1 million people have been displaced from their home and many are still living in tent camps. The goal of the shelter program is to provide transitional shelters and help resettle people back in their communities. CRS also has the additional goal with this program of teaching local Haitian workers job skills that they can use long after this program has been completed.

Kevin helped to develop a facility in which the shelters were fabricated in panelized sections that are then shipped to the field where they are assembled. In addition to organizing and supervising the assembly of the shelters, Kevin worked with a crew of over 50 Haitians teaching them carpentry and other job skills.

Kevin Haibach training carpenters on use of nail guns.
Shelters loaded for shipment

Shelters being erected in the field